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Subject: Statue
Arhailise Meestelaulu Selts


1. General rules
1.1 Official name of the Society is "Arhailise Meestelaulu Selts" (AMS) - Society of Traditional Male Singing.

1.2 AMS is wherever are its members.

1.3 AMS is a voluntary society of men, with aim to preserv, study, teach and practice older singing traditions.

1.4 AMS organizes events and other happenings which serve the aforementioned purposes. Place and time of such events is solely determined by the Society.

1.5 No member of AMS has and never will have any obligations - membership fees, material responsibilities or physical commitments - towards the Society.

2. Motives and goals

2.1 AMS was established in December 2005 when the undersigned agreed amongst themselves that the time is right for something bigger than just singing together and that that little what is left of older male singing traditions must be brought into daylight from homes, taverns and saunas.

2.2 The members of AMS are convinced that older male singing tradition needs preserving and honouring now and forever, as long as there are any male human beings left.

2.3 The members of AMS are willing to show that neither runic nor modern folclore songs have not yet vanished from the lips of men.

2.4 The members of AMS are willing to teach whomever who is willing to learn.

2.5. AMS organizes concerts and other events to attain its goals and retain its destination. AMS cooperates with any groups, bands and societies with similar goals.

3. Membership

3.1 Every male being who feels male enough to be a member of AMS, can be a member of AMS.

3.2 To become a member on AMS, one should register himself on the Society's webpage ( or send a message to the Society's founding father Lauri Õunapuu (contacts below).

3.3 Any member of AMS may leave the Society or join it without any prior notification.

3.4 No member of AMS shall necessarily be able to sing

3.5 We, the members of AMS, treat everything, including this statute, with common sense and a properly sized grain of salt.

3.6 We, the members of AMS, are friendly to our fellow human beings, avoid conflicts and take care of our our beloved spouses and all the other gentle ladies. Also, we take care of the nature, the memories of our ancestors and the sacred places.

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